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Test & Go Roadworthy Inspection Centre is a well established business based in Eloff, Mpumalanga.  We have many years experience in this industry and have built a solid reputation as one of the finest testing facilities in South Africa.  We are strategically situated at 509 Railway Avenue, Eloff-Delmas on the R555, about 40 minutes from major cities like Johannesburg & Pretoria and close to all major routes.

Our service is of the highest standards and we take pride in the fact that our testing centre and competent staff can offer you the best vehicle testing experience you will ever have!

We are 100% committed and dedicated to provide all our clients with superior and quality service that is unmatched by anyone in the industry.
Our motto is 'Fast and Friendly Service @ Your Service!"  This is what sets us apart from our competitors.  The fact that we love our product, and strive to be the best in the business is the driving force behind Test & Go!




Test & Go now offers a fleetcare maintenance plan for your company.  For a minimal amount monthly, you can enjoy these many value-added benefits...

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WABCO Distributor


We are proud to announce that we are now a WABCO distributor.....

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One-Stop Shop

We offer the finest Roadworthy Inspections on all Light Passenger Vehicles, Light Load Vehicles, Taxis/Mini-buses, Buses, Trucks, Trailers (Light Load & Heavy Load), Motorcycles as well as Tractors and all abnormal load vehicles. (We are a fully compliant A-Grade station!)

Test & Go Vehicle Roadworthy Center strive to be your One-Stop-Shop and offers the following services:

  • Roadworthy inspection (c.o.f) of any vehicle
  • Fitment of microdots (veridot)
  • 21 Day Permits
  • Police clearance (We do all the work for you)
  • MP & GP number plates
  • Beam-e tracking units (powered by Matrix)
  • Advanced truck & trailer wheel alignment
  • Aero Truck (Bullbars & Windscreen Protectors)
  • Semi Trailer suspension repairs and service
  • Ball joint and tie-rod repairs
  • Rack and pinion repairs for cars and trucks
  • Quality Parts Trailer Spares Shop on site (A-Z spares e.g. airbags, linings, bushes, lights, slack adjusters, booster, etc.)
  • Weigh bridge (30 Ton)

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e-NATIS Compliant & S.A.B.S Approved


Our High Standards in ensuring better road safety is unmatched. 

All roadworthy Inspections are carried out in accordance with the SANS 10216 and SANS 10047 quality Standards.

All our staff and vehicle examiners are highly qualified and all our centers are S.A.B.S approved.

We are proud to be e-Natis Compliant.


Inline Commercial Alignment & Balancing


Africa's Most Advanced Truck & Trailer Wheel Alignment Center at your service.

  • Precision Wheel alignment on all heavy duty vehicles & trailers
  • We don't sell a backyard (mobile) wheel alignment, we sell a Precision Alignment
  • Wheel balancing
  • 30 Ton Weigh bridge
  • Don't be fooled by mobile (backyard) alignment - it is flawed for the following reasons....

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Services we offer:


We strive to offer you a One-Stop-Shop and our services include::

  • Ball joint and tie-rod repairs
  • Steering rack and pinion repairs on cars and trucks
  • Semi Trailer suspension service and repairs
  • Aluminium and Perspex number plates
  • Both Mpumalanga (MP) and Gauteng (GP)

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Test & Go Vehicle Roadworthy Center - The name you have come to trust!